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Our corporate finance is mainly targeting small-to-medium-sized companies (both listed and unlisted)  whom major investment banks are not looking after and operate our business putting the emphasis on the following points.
    • Wide range of clients
    Major investment banks and mega banks are offering only to large-sized companies. We Aristagora Advisors are aiming at offering the same service to small- and mid-sized companies regardless of the status of listed or unlisted company. Even though the scale of company and sales is small compared with those of large-sized companies, we see many cases that each company has unique and independent technology and product with potential to be well evaluated in the overseas market in the future. Aristagora Advisors do our utmost to analyze the current situation which the client is facing and offer methodology and idea, then plan to expand on-going business by taking out obstacles such as language barrier, cultural difference and geographical specificity. In other words, our aim is to optimize the strength and potentiality of the client and to support enhancing the profitability and corporate value.
    • Comprehensive advice on fund raising
    Aristagora Advisors are offering consultation to the clients who have funding needs. Our staff with more than 30 years experience in the financial industry has wide range of networks with both domestic and international quality investors.  Especially, one of our features is the fact that we have a wide network of overseas investors who have different risk-measures compared with Japanese institutional investors.  We will be able to offer sound advice to the client on IR activity through our knowledge and experience to understand the behavior of such investors.
    • Global network
    Each of our staff has global network especially in Asian region. By making use of such network, we are offering cross border M&A advisory service.
In cases that the transaction size is small, especially the transactions with small-to-medium sized companies and unlisted companies that mega banks and large investment banks do not normally take on, we , Aristagora Advisors, are a boutique type of investment bank and will take on these small size transactions in a proactive manner.

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