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Fund raising advisory

  • Our service on fund raising arrangement consists of two categories; one for listed companies and the other for unlisted companies.
  • For listed companies, we mainly look after small-to-medium-sized companies and arrange various types of fund raising schemes such as common stock, class shares, convertibles, stock acquisition rights in the form of third party allocation which will be purchased by both domestic and overseas institutional investors.
  • For unlisted companies, we arrange the fund raising not only from Venture Capital but also from private equity investor and overseas funds in the form of both equity and debt (borrowing and straight bond). We can offer the fund raising methodology which can match the characteristic feature of the client.
Aristagora Advisors are a team of professionals which consists of top talented people in view of ethics, knowledge, and passion.

All staff has high level of expertise backed by their long-term experience. Also, management members have more than 30 years experience in financial industry such as foreign investment banks.

In addition, all management members and professional staff has abundant experience working in overseas market.

Based on such experience, we Aristagora have the following competence and offer high quality services to clients as mentioned below

– Knowledge backed by state-of-the-art financial technology
– Neutral and profound connection with the financial world
– Network with investment banks and funds overseas
– Contact with stock exchange and financial authorities
– High level of professionalism


Please feel free to contact us by an email if you need more information. info@aristagora.com

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