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IPO Consulting

  • For the past few years, IPO market has been stagnated in Japan, while many foreign emerging companies with characteristic feature are actively participating IPO in London AIM market, Hong Kong Gem Market, Singapore Catalist market.
  • In those market, the major market participants are institutional investors (professional investors such as pension funds, other funds). Thus, it is essential to have correct understanding of such professional investors’needs in order to implement IPO successfully.
  • To the clients who plan IPO, we Aristagora Advisors analyze the company from various angles and offers advise including IR activity in order to complete the whole process of IPO smoothly. Especially, we put emphasis to make an appropriate advice to enable the client to make logical and coherent explanation vis-à-vis severe question and inquiry made by institutional investors.
  • Our staffs have experience to participate in promoting Japanese, Korean and some other Asian companies to plan IPO in AIM market in London in cooperation with London Stock Exchange and are familiar with Tokyo AIM project which are joint project by Tokyo and London Stock Exchange.
  • We Aristagagora Advisors will offer IPO consultation service which is not only for IPO in domestic market but also for various IPO opportunities in other market in global perspective.  We believe that IPOs enables the client to establish the solid relationship with domestic and overseas major institutional investors who are analyzing and making research in global perspective. We believe strongly that such IPO will lead to further global development of the client in the end.
  • Our goal is to evolve together with the client. IPO is not the goal We do our utmost to design the scenario vision strategy in order to make the IPO as the staring point for further evolution of the client.

Please feel free to contact us by an email if you need more information. info@aristagora.com

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