Internet articles published by ZUU

Takeshi Shinoda, Chairman & CEO of our company, was interviewed by ZUU. The interview featured on ZUU’s website on December 25th and was released over the course of 7 days.

First release: 2018/12/25 Taking advantage of both Private Banking and Investment Banking to fully support company owners. “What would you do if you are asked about 2 billion Yen?”
Second release 2018/12/26 The importance for financial salespeople to understand the “Risk Appetite of Incorporated Educational Institutions”.
Third release: 2018/12/27 What is the attraction of depositing assets in a Swiss Private Bank for former BNP Equity Heads?
Fourth release: 2018/12/28 Many financial people don’t know the difference between “Private Bank” and “Private Banking”.
Fifth release: 2018/12/29 Extremely wealthy individuals hate taking risk: Billionaires reveal their true feelings.
Sixth release: 2018/12/30 Piquing the interest of wealthy Japanese individuals: “The proposal by Swiss Private Banks”
Seventh release: 2018/12/31 What foundations and trusts have been used by wealthy European individuals historically?
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