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Investment Advisory Service

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The feature of our investment advisory service is to share the knowledge and understanding with regard to investment starting from risk-return relation and to pursue profit through Quantitative approach.  In addition, we aim at offering the investment advisory service through interactive communication with the client differently from the one-way information providing service which are often done by many investment advisory companies.

We offer advisory and management service towards retail and corporate clients in order to do risk-return balanced investment depending on each situation and request from the clients.

Based on the risk management methodology which are practically used by global major head funds and trading division of large foreign investment banks, the feature of our service is to aim at optimization of return by curtailing the risk  taken for value-at-risk below the planned level. Furthermore, we constantly verify my making use of risk factor mode whether the client is only taking intended risk and make an advice on methodology to seek for return by taking  out unintended risk.

To be more specific , we offer investment advisory service to materialize appropriate investment by quantifying (visualizing) risk on continuous basis through usage of IT technology  and making easy-to-follow explanation on risks taken by the clients.

Even though we are small boutique house, our staffs have the following backgrounds and skills with which we can offer this service.

◆ Our management used to be in charge of trading management at foreign investment bank and is quite familiar with state of art financial products including derivative products and those risks, which enables us to offer investment advisory  service which can widely cover OTC products, not limited to listed product.

◆ Our management have more than 30 year experience in financial industry (most of them were engaged in trading business) and have established close relationship with major institutional investors and many head funds. Through such network, we are in the position to acquire up-to-date information in the financial industry. As the result of that, we can offer the most appropriate investment product to the clients.

◆ As we are boutique house and do not belong to any financial groups. Such our independent status enables us to offer the most appropriate service to the clients in a prompt manner. Moreover, we can deal with any situational change promptly and flexibly.

We think that our investment advisory service is quite useful for the clients with the following  objectives.
① To acquire exquisite knowledge on investment.
② To seek for return by managing the risk in proper manner
③ To improve the bad investment performance

And then we Aristagora Advisors would like to grow together with the clients with such needs.


Please feel free to contact us by an email if you need more information. info@aristagora.com

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