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Collective Investment Sheme (fund)

  • Aristagora Advisors is engaged in the fund management business outline below. However, in basic we think it important to offer investment advisory service to corporate clients and retail clients who are regarded as “amateur investor” by definition. Therefore, we recommend our clients to do investment on their own as much as possible and we Aristagora Advisors support clients as the investment advisor.
  • However, if the clients can not conduct their investment on their own due to various reasons, we also support such clients on fund management itself. For such occasion, it is quite important to share and have better understanding on investment knowledge including the content of investment scheme (fund) and risk-return relation. We are considering the following two schemes.
  • First of all, in case that the clients do not have enough time to conduct investment or can not manage the investment risk properly, we Aristagora Advisors grasp the investment strategy of each client and introduce collective investment scheme (fund) and offer investment advisory service. As the result, we assume that Aristagora does investment management on behalf of the clients.
  • Secondly, we assume that collective investment schemes (funds), which are normally not introduced to the clients, are offered the clients. In this scenario, we can offer accessibility to various funds through the methodology of collective investment scheme as a part of investment strategy for the clients.
Please note that we Aristagora Advisors are absolutely offering investment advisory service with regard to fund management business by using collective investment scheme (fund).


Please feel free to contact us by an email if you need more information. info@aristagora.com

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