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Corporate clients

  • The feature of our investment advisory service is to share the
    knowledge and understanding on investment starting from risk-return
    relationship with the clients and pursue profit through quantitative
  • We Aristagora Advisors have in-depth discussion with each investor
    reviewing investment amount, investment capacity, investment purpose,
    investment vision, investment experience, knowledge on financial
    products, investors’ background (including current investment
    environment and agenda and plan in the future) and provide profound
    explanation on our service to the clients. After we have mutual
    understanding with the clients, we select the investment strategy
    (risk tolerance and return target) which we believe the most
    appropriate for the clients and start the investment advisory service.
    Needless to say, we constantly review the investment strategy
    depending on clients’ situation.
  • In case of global multi-asset fund with investment into global markets
    and products, it is very much situation in which around 70 % of
    investment result depends on asset allocation strategy. Therefore, in
    our investment advisory service for corporate clients, with the
    assumption that we have investment direction which we select on the
    above mentioned process, we will provide our advice on portfolio
    allocation and creation by introducing various financial products
    including ones which have not been introduced in Japan. Obviously, we
    will provide an appropriate explanation on risks of each financial
    products. And more importantly, we do our utmost to let the clients to
    understand such risk profile.
  • As outlined above, the basic feature of our service is to conduct
    quantitative approach is numerical conversion of risk (VaR: Value at
    Risk, Stress test), then subsequently to grasp risk-return
    relationship such as level of sharp ratio and beta and to aim at
    providing investment advisory service with which the clients can enjoy
    higher return in comparison to the risk.
  • In addition, we can also offer investment advisory service to cope
    with trading which only deals listed stocks. In this case, we make use
    of risk model concept and plain model , show the difference between
    taken risk and market behavior, and the performance as the result of
    that in the easy-to-follow numerical number (never in abstract
    expression). With this methodology, we will provide investment
    advisory service in order to acquire expected return matching with the
    taken risks.
  • Our basic stance on the fee schedule is based on NAV (net asset
    value). We will charge across the board ratio on NAV and no additional
    fee is charged. We believe that this fee schedule is the most rightful
    way. It may lead to be “conflict of interest” to charge fee on
    transaction basis (like “rap account” promoted by some securities
    houses). Regardless of the fact that the client may win or lose, the
    fee will be paid to investment advisory companies on transaction
  • The client universe which we Aristagora Advisers seek is not
    investment and financial professionals but corporate and medium- and
    small-size companies with relatively large size financial assets. We
    would like to provide financial know-how, which major institutional
    investors and global foreign banks provide to large entity, to such
Please feel free to contact us by an email if you need more information. info@aristagora.com

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