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Aristagora Advisors and Famitra agree on a business partnership


We would like to notify that Aristagora Advisors Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Takeshi Shinoda) and Famitra Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, CEO: Katsuhito Mihashi) have agreed on a business partnership.


According to the report titled “Future Dementia patient’s financial assets reaching 200 trillion yen – reaching 10 percent of personal financial assets by 2030,” (published August 2018) by Daiichi Seimeikeizai Research Institute, the financial assets that dementia patients hold will reach 215 trillion yen by 2030, equivalent to 10 percent of personal financial assets. Famitra provides family trust products for a cheaper price by incorporating technology in their operation, allowing individuals potentially diagnosed with dementia to protect their assets. With the partnership, our company will solve the financial problem of asset freezing amongst the elderly caused by dementia, and thus provide a high-quality asset management service.


The subsidiary of Aristagora Advisors, Aristagora Financial Services Co., Ltd., will invest into Famitra for this partnership. The goal of the partnership is to create a platform for a customer-exclusive investment management service targeted for individuals with family trust products and use the platform to expand the service to more customer segments. More specifically, we will divide the work as follows:

Aristagora Advisors

  • Product creation and planning for the investment management business
  • Managing the investment of the investment management business and recruiting (Financial Instruments Business Operation)


  • Introducing the asset management business to customers
  • Providing advice and support for attracting customers regarding the investment management business pertaining to Aristagora Advisors.