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Asset Management

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Asset Management
(Overview and Features)

  • We provide services that combine the benefits of traditional private banking (e.g. a long-term client-centric approach) as well as global investment banking (advanced product development and risk management).

  • We carefully evaluate each client’s situation and deliver customized products and services that respond to their individual needs.

  • We leverage extensive international experience and a broad network to ensure the smooth operation of cross-border business.

  • We have the flexibility to offer a variety of investment solutions including private placement investment trusts, offshore funds, Segregated Account Management (SAM), and External Asset Management (EAM).

  • We focus on acting objectively and collaborate with third-parties if this is in the best interests of clients.

  • As an independent boutique investment house that does not belong to any major financial institution, we provide a personalised and unbiased service.

Management of Financial Products

Fusion of Private Banking and Investment Banking

Merit Demerit
Traditional Private Bank


  • Management is focused on the long-term
  • Client-centric philosophy
  • Flexible investment platform (tailor-made solutions)


  • Risk management is unsophisticated
  • Tendency to only invest in traditional asset classes (stocks, bonds etc.) and on a long-only basis
  • Lack of expertise in derivatives
Global Investment Bank


  • Advanced risk management
  • Expertise in derivatives
  • Strong product research and structuring ability (funds, credit-linked notes, structured bonds etc.)


  • Management must meet short-term targets
  • Short-term oriented investments
  • Little degree of flexibility for clients as banks must operate according to burdensome internal rules
Aristagora Advisors


Maximise the merits


Minimise the demerits

Creation of Financial Products – Examples

Samples of Tailor-Made and Financial Products Suitable for Market Environment and Time

  • Aviation Fund

    Aviation Fund

    In response to Japan's low interest rate environment and the needs of domestic institutions, we created a bond-like fund – the “Aristagora Aviation Fund” – with underlying exposure to a basket of investment-grade enhanced equipment trust certificates (EETCs)

  • Emerging Market Bond Fund

    Emerging Market Bond Fund

    At the request of a large family office, we created a private placement fund that invests directly in emerging market bonds

  • R&T Global Excellentia Fund of Funds

    R&T Global Excellentia Fund of Funds

    We act as investment adviser for the R&T Global Excellentia Fund of Funds, managed by Swiss Asset Management firm Dr. Blumer & Partners. This fund invests in a range of asset classes and is suitable for investors that are seeking a globally diversified medium risk/return investment product.

  • Arist Fund

    Arist Fund

    A Japanese mutual fund that aims to generate stable returns by investing in a diversified range of funds and bonds from a global universe.

Our Network of Traditional Private Banks

We are uniquely placed in Japan to act as an independent asset manager while offering clients safekeeping of their assets at a select group of traditional Private Banks in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria depending on each client’s personal requirements. Below is an introduction to some of our trusted partner Private Banks.

Bordier & Cie

Bordier & Cie

  • Leading Private Bank founded in 1844 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Run by the fifth generation of its founders with Managing Partners bearing unlimited liability for the bank's commitments
  • Traditional European client base with ambitions to expand services to Japanese clients
Banque Heritage

Banque Heritage

  • Family-controlled financial group established in 1986 as a family office and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Oversees CHF 5 billion of assets
  • Granted the Swiss Federal Banking License by the Swiss Federal Banking commission in 2004
Bank Frick

Bank Frick

  • Independent family-run bank founded in 1998 and headquartered in Balzers, Liechtenstein
  • Former Prime Minister of Liechtenstein from 1993-2001, Dr. Mario Frick, serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • One of the first banks to offer trading and custodian services for bitcoin and bitcoin cash cryptocurrencies
VP Bank

VP Bank

  • One of Liechtenstein's largest private banks founded in 1956
  • Subsidiary in Switzerland, Luxembourg, BVI, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other overseas subsidiaries
  • Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange
Capital Bank

Capital Bank

  • Private bank of the Grazer Wechselseitigen (GRAWE) Group
  • Founded in 1828 as Fire Indemnity Insurance by Archduke Johann
  • Dr. Philip Mernan is President of the supervisory board on GRAWE