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Representative Directors

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Representative Directors

Chairman & CEO Takeshi Shinoda

Chairman & CEOTakeshi Shinoda

  • March 2011 – Present
  • After graduating from Keio University in 1985, served as Corporate Treasurer at Nikko Securities' New York office and Head of Equity Finance for Japan and Asia at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and ING Securities. Following that, served as Head of Equity Derivatives at BNP Paribas Securities and responsible for equity-related business in Japan. Possesses a total of more than 30 years of capital markets experience.
  • As CEO of Aristagora Group, which has offices in Japan, Singapore and Israel, he has collaborated with Private Banks to offer investment services for high-net-worth individuals, create and manage various investment funds and offer various corporate finance services.

Managing Director Tetsuo Miyake

Managing DirectorTetsuo Miyake

  • April 2007 – Present
  • Bachelor’s in Corporate Finance from Rikkyo University, Tokyo (1985)
  • Worked in Sales, Trading, and Planning Division at Nikko Securities and Nikko Securities, New York
  • Head of Credit Trading at Nikko Salomon Smith Barney Securities
  • Head of Trading at Tokai International Securities (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities)
  • Certified Financial Planner of the Japan Association for Financial Planners

Managing DirectorTetsuo Shioda

Managing Director Noriyuki Yamanouchi

Managing DirectorNoriyuki Yamanouchi

  • March 2020 – Present
  • Graduated from UCLA in 2006 and joined Japanese company Hikari Tsushin where he became the youngest director and played a key role in various initial M&A transactions. Thereafter served as director for several listed companies such as Crayfish, LSI Japan, EMCOM Capital and OPTROM and led numerous M&A transactions.

AuditorAtsuyuki Hoshi


Sales Division

Head of Sales Division Noriyuki Yamanouchi

Head of Sales DivisionNoriyuki Yamanouchi

Tatsuya Mitsuhashi

Head of Sales DepartmentTatsuya Mitsuhashi

Lawrence Holdron

Sales DepartmentLawrence Holdron

Kota Okumura

Sales DepartmentKota Okumura

Mikio Takai

Executive AdvisorMikio Takai

Corporate Finance Division

Jiaying Chen

 Jiaying Chen

Yan Jin

 Yan Jin

Asset Management Division

Lawrence Holdron

Head of Investment DepartmentLawrence Holdron

Michael Jones

Investment DepartmentMichael Jones

Senior AdvisorAtsushi Oka

Operation Division

Tetsuo Miyake

Head of Operation DivisionTetsuo Miyake

Hiroshi Takayama

Head of Operation DepartmentHiroshi Takayama

Akitaka Saga

Operation Department, Client ServiceAkitaka Saga

Yoshiyo Matsunaga

Operation DepartmentYoshiyo Matsunaga

Aiko Niino

Operation DepartmentAiko Niino

Ibuki Tamura

Operation DepartmentIbuki Tamura

Management Office

Takeshi Shinoda

Group CEOTakeshi Shinoda

Miho Iwakura

Head of Management OfficeMiho Iwakura

Sumiko Okamura

 Sumiko Okamura

Senior Advisor

Toshio Yokoyama

 Toshio Yokoyama

Tetsuo Yamazaki

 Tetsuo Yamazaki

Kotaro Yamazawa

 Kotaro Yamazawa

 Haruo Kawahara